Slimming & Smoothie Smoothie

slimming smoothies

Those who strive to lose weight through proper nutrition know how difficult it is to diversify the diet, making it tasty and healthy. One of the most popular diet foods for weight loss is smoothies. This concentrated nutritious cocktail is full of vitamins and minerals, energizes the body, reduces appetite. Including it in your daily menu is the best way to diversify your diet and make it tastier. And after choosing the right composition, you can use a smoothie to lose weight and cleanse the body.

Why smoothies are great for weight loss

Smoothies are the perfect dish for those who are looking at their weight, but want to eat deliciously. This is the name of a cocktail made from fruits, vegetables, herbs whipped in a blender. They are thick, nutritious, and contain many beneficial trace elements. By choosing different ingredients, you can supply the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Since several fruits are included in the cocktail at once, healthy meals are obtained that replace full meals.

The smoothie is well saturated, so it can be a great snack, allowing you to let go of harmful sweets and flour products. It can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. Because cocktails contain vegetables and fruits, they are low in calories, and some even have zero calories. They contain fiber, dietary fiber. Therefore, they cleanse the body and help lose weight.

ATTENTION! The main advantage of this dish is that its preparation is very easy: put all the ingredients in a blender bowl and beat until well combined.

Useful features

Smoothies have been popular among healthy lifestyle fans for years. However, they allow you to eat healthy, but delicious. The ability of this cocktail to improve digestion and cleanse the intestines has made it a frequent food in weight loss diets. It does not cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, is quickly absorbed. Smoothie cleansers have the following benefits:

  • satiety, dull hunger, prevent overeating;
  • vegetable fiber in the composition activates the intestines;
  • remove toxins, toxins, uric acid;
  • prevent the formation of edema;
  • improve digestion and absorption of nutrients;
  • replenish vitamin and mineral deficiencies, prevent the development of vitamin deficiencies, anemia;
  • provide traction, increase efficiency, mental activity;
  • improves mood, helps cope with stress;
  • strengthens the immune system, enhances the body's defenses.
the benefits of smoothies for the body

Contraindications and dangers

Just healthy homemade cocktails. It is best to use them immediately, because after a few hours they contain less useful trace elements. Smoothies sold in supermarkets or restaurants contain preservatives, flavors, and artificial ingredients.

But the healthiest cocktails, if not used properly, can be detrimental. It is very important to choose ingredients that do not cause allergies. Since bowel cleansing smoothies contain fresh fruits and vegetables, there are several other contraindications to their use:

  • chronic diseases of the pancreas;
  • peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis;
  • liver pathology;
  • bile duct disorders;
  • intestinal problems.

ATTENTION! Even for healthy people, smoothies can be dangerous if made from spoiled fruit, stale dairy products, or stored without a refrigerator for more than an hour.

Rules for making diet cocktails

It is not enough just to put different vegetables and fruits in a blender, then grind. Only properly prepared cocktails will be useful for weight loss. Not all smoothies cleanse the body and help lose weight. For example, a dish with bananas and milk is just a delicious dessert. To prepare a smoothie suitable for weight loss, you need to follow a few rules:

  • use only fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • before inserting the blender, the fruit must be washed, dried, a drop of water can make the dish watery;
  • it is recommended to grind all ingredients in advance, removing the skin from some fruits (apples, pears, tomatoes);
  • not recommended to beat for a long time, because useful micro elements will be destroyed, 1-2 minutes is enough;
  • add the liquid not all at once, but pour in gradually, until the cocktail becomes thick;
  • if the recipe contains only juicy fruits and berries, they can be frozen first.
make a smoothie in a blender

Product selection

Smoothies are made from a variety of ingredients. But not all can be used to make diet cocktails. In order for them to help lose weight and cleanse the body, you need to choose the right composition.

  • One of the main components is liquid. You can take kefir or natural yogurt with a fat content of 1%. It is a good source of protein, calcium, bacteria for the gut. But often, cleansing cocktails are made based on mineral water, green tea or plant milk. You can also use juice, but not purchased, but freshly squeezed.
  • Smoothie based on fruits or vegetables. To get a lot of useful trace elements, but the drink is tasty, it is not recommended to take more than 2-3 pieces. Often, apples, pears, pineapples, grapefruit, avocados, celery, cucumbers are used for weight loss. Greens are also added: spinach, parsley, dill, basil, mint.
  • For thickening, bananas are most often included in smoothies. But sweet and high in calories, so replaced with avocado in a slimming dish. You can also add oatmeal, bran, oatmeal, rice flour, grains, cottage cheese.
  • A variety of supplements increase the nutritional value. Flax or chia seeds will serve as a source of fatty acids. For a sweet taste, dates or dried apricots are added as sugar. Ginger, cinnamon enhance the fat burning properties of cocktails.

ATTENTION! It is not recommended to use milk, cream, ice cream, chocolate, condensed milk, or sugar for the smoothie. From the crop, it is not desirable to take bananas, peaches, grapes, persimmons, sweet berries.

Reception features

It is not enough to prepare such a cocktail properly. There are also certain rules for its use:

  • you need to prepare the smoothie before use, it is recommended not to leave it later;
  • drinks must be at room temperature, because very cold is not saturated;
  • in order for the dish to be better absorbed, it should be eaten in lieu of food or half an hour before that, it is better to use a smoothie as a snack;
  • for breakfast, they make cocktails with oatmeal, bran, cottage cheese - it turns out tasty, but easy to digest;
  • so that you can use a smoothie at night, it is made without sugar, based on fermented milk products, berries, it is good to add cinnamon and turmeric into it.
green smoothie for weight loss

The best smoothie recipes for weight loss

There are many options for making this cocktail. But in order for them to improve digestion and help lose weight, you need to choose the right ingredients. Therefore, it is recommended to use ready -made slimming recipes to lose weight first. They have been tested, so you need to maintain the proportions in order to taste good.

Fat burning

In order for a cocktail to have fat burning properties, ingredients are added into it that speed up metabolic processes and break down fat stores. This is pineapple, which contains the enzyme bromelain, grapefruit, which prevents the accumulation of fat, ginger, cinnamon.

  • The simplest cocktail is made from half a pineapple and grapefruit juice. You can add some ice cubes to thicken it.
  • Cut cucumbers, pears, celery stalks, put in a blender bowl. Add half a cup of cranberries, a handful of spinach leaves, a tablespoon of grated ginger, beat everything.
  • 1 kiwi, cucumber, 150 g of pineapple pulp, pour over the juice of half a lemon, beat.
  • Green apples, 2 kiwi, a tablespoon of grated ginger, pour the juice of 1 orange. You can add lemon juice or honey.

Smoothie detox

Spinach and celery are very often added to cleansing shakes. They allow you to remove toxins, excess water from the body, and regulate water-salt balance. Cucumbers, avocados, beets have cleansing properties. Berries and fruits with antioxidant properties are also added to such cocktails.

  • 1 large carrot, cut in half beets, finely rub or better yet. Add the chopped garlic cloves, carrots and a little parsley.
  • 1 small beet, a handful of spinach, 1 green apple, 1 tsp. Beat the grated ginger. Dilute with mineral water, add honey if desired. Serve with mint leaves.
  • Cut in half avocado, 1 cucumber, celery stalk. Add water as needed.
  • 2 kiwi, 50 g of pineapple, cucumber, juice of half a lemon, cut into pieces.

With vegetables

Green smoothies work best for digestion by stimulating bowel movements. Green and leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll, which enhances the intestinal microflora and increases hemoglobin levels. This cocktail must contain 40% green. It is better to grind it before putting it in a blender.

  • Beat a glass of chopped spinach and frozen bananas with a glass of vegetable milk.
  • 1 banana seed, a handful of spinach leaves, beat lemon juice. Dilute with mineral water without gas.
  • 1 apple, celery stalk, some cabbage leaves and lettuce, dilute with apple juice, beat.
  • Cucumber, 2–3 stalks of celery, 50 g of dill, a tablespoon of grated ginger, lemon juice. Add a little water if necessary.

IMPORTANT! If spinach is included in a smoothie, you can’t eat it regularly because it contains oxalic acid.


For the preparation of such smoothies, cucumbers, carrots, celery, cabbage, and tomatoes are most often used. It is better to use fresh vegetables, but you need a strong blender to cut them. So you can boil or roast the hardest first. Vegetable smoothies turn out satisfying, normalize digestion, and are easy to digest.

  • 3-5 inflorescences of broccoli, a few cabbage leaves, a small amount of dill, pour a glass of kefir and beat. Add spices to taste.
  • Cut 1 cucumber, avocado, 3–5 stalks of celery. Add half a clove of garlic, the juice of half a lemon and a bunch of coriander, beat.
  • 1 apple, juicy carrots, cut a few stalks of celery. Dilute with mineral water if necessary.
  • Tomato cocktail improves digestion. For 3 tomatoes, you need 1 carrot, 1 apple. Stir in half a teaspoon of olive oil before serving.
  • Beat 150 g of pumpkin pulp, soaked dried apricots and a tablespoon of grated ginger in a blender with 1 orange juice. Add honey if desired.
tomato smoothie for weight loss


Cocktails made from fruit alone can contain too many calories. But if you choose the right ingredients, this smoothie can also be used to lose weight.

  • Unload 3 competed tangerines. Add a glass of blueberries and a glass of low -fat yogurt, beat.
  • For breakfast, use an oatmeal smoothie. 2 tablespoons. pour half a glass of kefir. Grind kiwi, banana and apple in a blender, add the flakes.
  • Beat peaches, bananas, kiwi and a glass of apple juice in a blender.

Smoothie cleansing diet

There are many ways to lose weight with a smoothie. For example, the kefir diet of Yana Rudkovskaya only on the first day consisted of one kefir. Then mixed with ingredients, fruits - that is, a smoothie is prepared.

Fasting day

It is easiest to do a smoothie fast once a week. You only need to drink cocktails 5-6 times a day. It is recommended to arrange it thick and eat with a spoon, then there will be no hunger. An example menu for such a day might look like this:

  • An apple, a glass of thick yogurt, juice of 1 orange.
  • Mix 100 g of pineapple porridge, half a banana, half an avocado in a blender. Add a teaspoon of grated ginger, a few sprigs of parsley, and a tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Half a glass of yogurt or kefir, 1 juicy carrot, half a banana.
  • Grind a pear and a glass of spinach leaves. Dilute until normal consistency with mineral water.
  • Cut some broccoli inflorescences and an apple, dilute with lemon juice.
fasting day for a smoothie

Three -day diet

The most common weight loss smoothie diet lasts for 3 days. You only need to use the smoothie 6 times a day. During this time, you can lose weight by 3 kg. Fruit cocktails are recommended to be eaten in the morning. It is permissible to add honey, oatmeal to them. In the afternoon they eat a vegetable cocktail, before bedtime - based on kefir. You need to eat the smoothie with a spoon, slowly.

Long -term diet

The week -long diet involves the replacement of 3 out of 5 meals with cocktails. You can lose excess weight 5-7 kg. The budget menu for today might look like this:

  • smoothies with oatmeal, fruit and honey, whole wheat bread;
  • 2 apples;
  • a glass of low -fat chicken broth, 100 g of boiled breast;
  • smoothie with berries and yogurt;
  • smoothie soup made from vegetables boiled with vegetable oil;
  • a glass of kefir.

Opinions on such weight loss

Smoothie cleaners are quickly gaining popularity among those looking to lose weight. Opinions about them are mostly positive, they state that it is easier to withstand a diet with such cocktails.

Smoothies can be used to lose weight and cleanse the body. This dish improves digestive and intestinal function, reduces appetite. A short diet for smoothies and fasting days makes it easy for you to lose a few pounds. And if you drink a cocktail like that every day in a glass, you can maintain your weight normally.