Kefir Diet

the essence of the kefir diet for weight loss

Kefir is considered a unique fermented milk product that gives an amazing effect from all directions. Organized by doctors to treat various diseases, even the process of losing weight is incomplete without a refreshing and refreshing drink.

There are kefir fasting days and many diet programs where this product is the main component. Kefir diet is one of the most effective methods to lose extra pounds as soon as possible and without problems for the body.

The essence of the kefir diet

The diet program based on the use of beverages is a cleansing system that allows you to get rid of intestines from harmful waste products, accelerating metabolic processes, which will inevitably lead to smooth but intense weight loss.

The main condition for achieving results is the use of only 1% fresh and low-fat fermented milk products. In this case, diet can be used as the main way to lose weight, and act as a short-term unloading.


Not sure which diet to take to lose a few extra pounds quickly? The kefir weight loss program has a number of significant advantages:

  • Rapid weight loss.After three days, weight loss begins to feel easier. Metabolism begins the next day and accelerates the fat burning process several times.
  • Economics.Kefir is one of the most affordable products today. Just like an egg diet, with this you can lose weight without "harming" your wallet. Losing weight with pills, liposuction, and gym work is much more expensive and not always effective.
  • pros and cons of kefir diet
  • Versatile.Nutrition system choices are always associated with certain nuances. Someone does not like buckwheat, some are gluten intolerant, and so on. Diifir diet is truly universal and will suit almost everyone. The exception is people who, for medical reasons, do not want to eat foods that cause the formation of excess acid.
  • Excellent results with a long-term perspective.If you follow all the rules and go out of your diet properly, you can maintain the results for many years.


Remember that each barrel of honey has a fly in the ointment. The Kefir diet not only has advantages, but also some disadvantages:

  • Lack of nutrients. These vitamin and mineral complexes contained in fermented milk products are not always sufficient for the normal functioning of the body. As a result, there is often a deterioration of the condition, a decrease in immunity.
  • Intestinal disorders may be caused by some nature of kefir. Therefore, you can not lose weight this way for a long time. Choose a short-term program that will not harm the digestive tract.
  • In combination with some fruits, it causes an increase in acidity in the stomach.

A popular choice for a 7-day kefir diet

Today, experienced nutritionists have developed more than a hundred different dietary variations using kefir, which are popular not only in Europe, but also in Asia and Africa.

We invite you to get acquainted with the most common and effective methods that will help to lose weight and cleanse the intestines. We choose the appropriate options and actions.

Kefir-soba diet

The combination of buckwheat with kefir is known to every second person. You can talk non-stop about its unique properties and amazing results, which is why so many people prefer this particular diet option. If you follow all the recommendations, you can lose up to 10 kilograms in a week.

kefirno - buckwheat diet for weight loss

The benefits of a kefir-buckwheat diet are obvious. This is not only effective weight loss, but also:

  • Increased hemoglobin levels in the blood.
  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Normalization of the nervous system.
  • Prevention of oncological diseases.
  • Cleansing from toxins and sludge.
  • Protects teeth from caries.
  • Increased.
  • Excellent cosmetic effect.
  • Removes excess fluid from the body.

There are three main flavors from two food methodologies:

  • "Classic".Duration - from three days to a week. During weight loss, buckwheat steamed with boiling water is eaten daily and one liter of low-fat fermented milk product is drunk.
  • Strict.This diet option assumes weekly weight loss of only one buckwheat in an unlimited amount and a minimum amount of kefir. In seven days, you can lose up to seven kilograms easily.
  • "Soft".Implemented in two weeks, where a person, in addition to buckwheat and kefir, can eat low-calorie fruits and vegetables. Of course, the results are not so great, but quite stable.

Kefir-Apple Diet

This is another tandem that makes it possible to cleanse and lose weight in the shortest possible time. They prefer the kefir and apple diet because it is easy to do without the stress of hunger and product availability. In addition, the proposed diet is quite balanced.

There are also several diet program options:

  • For 3 days.During that time, we completely replaced apple day with kefir. Every day you need to eat up to one and a half kilograms of juicy fruits and drink one and a half to two liters of kefir.
  • kefirno - apple diet for weight loss
  • For 7 days.As the duration increases, so does the diet. Dishes with hot-treated apples are added. This can be burned. It is allowed to make fresh and light soups based on kefir, for example, with cucumbers and ingredients. The amount of food each day remains the same as the three-day diet.
  • For 9 days.Such a diet is suitable for the most persistent. At the same time, closer to the end, the splitting of not only the fat layer begins, but also the muscle mass. Therefore, cottage cheese (200 grams) is added to the standard kefir-apple menu, as a source of useful proteins and key building materials, which prevents muscle fiber depletion.

How to get out of the diet

The end of the kefir diet is not one day, but long term. It is important to get out of the weight loss program properly in order to maintain the results obtained. “Exit” involves a smooth and gradual transition from a diet menu to proper nutrition with a healthy diet, and not to a regular diet, which was before weight loss.

Follow a few simple rules:

  • Save fractional nutrition. We continued to eat in small portions.
  • We do not overeat, the last meal is 3-4 hours before bed.
  • Gradually include foods from our standard diet in your diet.
  • We continue to limit the use of harmful products: sweets, chips, crackers, alcohol.
  • We observe the drinking rules - we drink at least two liters of liquid.

If you really follow all things, you could lose a few more pounds at the exit stage. If you are still hesitant to choose a diet program, try the kefir system. The results will surely surprise you.