Watermelon diet for weight loss

Girl eating watermelon

Now is the time to lose weight, and we recommend that you use the most delicious autumn specialty for this - watermelon. Doctors promise the watermelon diet will help you shed 10 extra pounds in just a few weeks.

And some do it! But let's not be extreme people: you can not sit on a strict watermelon diet for more than 3 days, and during this time it is impossible to get rid of ten kilograms. Weight loss that fast would be just dangerous. But even if "only" 700-800 g per day go away, it's okay.

Who can't lose weight like that?

First of all - about contraindications. For such diabetics, you cannot lose weight: watermelon is a sweet berry, it contains a lot of sugar. People with kidney and bladder problems shouldn't get carried away with these giant berries either. The fact is that watermelon has a well-known effect that you shouldn't be far from the toilet (especially a diuretic). During the diet, the kidneys begin to work to the fullest. If there is a possibility that there are stones in the kidneys, a watermelon diet can be dangerous: the stones move under the strong pressure of the fluid leaving the body. For those who are not uncommon for stomach and intestinal problems, this diet (like many others in fact) is not suitable either.

Common sense dictates the following: As with any diet, it is best to consult a doctor before drinking watermelon. And it is desirable for those who treat, those who are aware of your chronic diseases and are able to predict the nuances of watermelon weight loss and give appropriate recommendations.

Option one - strictly

This diet should never be practiced for more than 3 days. Its essence is that you can only eat one watermelon at the rate - 1 kg of watermelon pulp per day for every 10 kg of body weight. The number of meals is not limited. For the night there is - you can!

After such a strict diet, you cannot immediately return to your usual diet, but must carefully exit the diet. In the early days, you can eat low-fat milk and sour-milk products, cook porridge, steam fish and chicken. Sweets, alcohol, fat and fried foods should be excluded.

You can only drink pure, non-carbonated water, at least 1. 5 liters per day.

option two, where

Add 2 slices of rye bread to the watermelons per meal. You can sit on such a diet for longer, 5-7 days. Just as in the first case, you need to gradually step out and carefully analyze your diet for sweets, fats and other unhealthy foods.

Option three - diet restriction

The two-week diet is much gentler than the first two. After all, sitting on watermelons for 14 to 15 days alone is fraught with many problems, so that the diet with protein, other carbohydrates and even fats is varied.

There should be 5-6 meals per day with 500-800 grams of watermelon each. In addition to watermelon, you can eat: a serving of unsweetened oatmeal or a vegetable salad made from fresh vegetables without salt and oil (150 g) or a slice of cheese or 150-200 g of boiled chicken (fish) or a glass of kefir. However, the dinner should always be exclusively "watermelon".

Also, you need to drink a lot - this will facilitate the release of toxins that result from the breakdown of fats. Tea, coffee and soda are prohibited, only water or green tea are allowed.